The HUNTER LC01 is an original mesh model by Cat Hunter. A practical work-boat that looks good and handles really well, feature-rich & fun.

Features include:
★ Made from Ultramesh™ and Scripted with care.
★ Great in mouselook ★ Dynamic cameras for all on board ★ 3 cameras for driver.
★ Seats 4 people with multiple poses.
★ Move around the boat with seating menu.
★ Permissions can be set for Owner Only, Access List or Everyone.
★ Pass control to passenger (can be any sitter as long as they shuffle to the passenger seat).
★ Compete fuel system using the NTBI GFS Fuel Pumps and Gas cans.
★ Unique sounds taken from the RL outboard engines made by Lorin Tone.
★ Working bow door ★ Bow door incremental control
★ Working windscreen wipers that clear the front windows.
★ Horn ★ Siren ★ Gyro ★ Navigation lighting ★ Ambient lighting ★ Deck Lighting
★ Working dials ★ Compass
★ Ensign ★ Boat stand and steps for when rezzing on land
★ GTFO compliant.
★ Modifiable, paintable & customisable.

Release Date: Thursday 25th July 2019

Hunter LC01 on the Marketplace

Video on YouTube

Hunter LC01 on Flickr

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Please report bugs and suggestions by IM to Cat, the builder.