Hunter X-STOL Light Sport Airplane

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The Hunter X-STOL is a Light Sport, Short Take Off and Landing Airplane.

★ The Hunter X-STOL is an original Ultramesh™ model by Cat Hunter, scripted with care by Shana Carpool.

★ This is a fun bush plane, with short take off and landing, excellent flight characteristics, and easy to fly.

★ 3 Versions of the plane included, equipped with:
– Tundra Wheels
– Floats
– Skis

★ Detailed Cockpit – Many working features including start-up procedure.

★ Oversize flaps and leading edge slats that open automatically at lower speeds, and retract automatically after take-off.

★ Functional stall if you achieve a too great angle of attack at slower speeds.

★ Fun to fly solo or with a co-pilot who you can pass control.

★ Other features: Guest mode, Beacon, Egress command, Eject unwanted passengers.

★ The plane is supplied at a size that corresponds to the RL equivalent. As many avis are a little bigger that RL people, you can resize the plane.

★ The plane is COPY + MOD so you can add parts and paint surfaces directly. Paint Textures are supplied and you can make your own, or buy 3rd party paints elsewhere.

★ GTFO Ready.

Max Speed 75 mph
Cruise speed: 50 mph

  • Wheels Edition:
  • Length: 6.6 m
  • Wigspan: 9.53 m
  • Height: 2.25 m
  • Prims: 42
  • Floats Edition:
  • Prims: 46
  • Skis Edition:
  • Prims: 42

Passengers: 2, Pilot + Copilot
Realistic slow speed flight
Realistic  sounds
Text HUD
Adjustable sitting positions
Guest mode
Eject unwanted passengers
Three Cameras: Cockpit panel, Dynamic and Fixed
Locator Beacon

UVs, AOs and Sample Textures supplied
Make custom textures
Tintable for simple coloring
Link 3rd party Parts and Add-ons (no re-linker script needed)

GTFO Certification:
GTFO Ready. You can use the plane to transport your GTFO loads. Land and sea. VAPI codes:

  • CC-HUNTER-XSTOL (wheels version)
  • CC-HUNTER-XSTOL-FLT (floats version)
  • CC-HUNTER-XSTOL-SKI (skis version)