How to Edit & Adjust Avsitter poses for the Hunter 9m Runabout

There are two methods of adjusting poses, for the two types of poses used here. The first type, are the static poses for relaxing and passengers. We see them here:

There are two more on the back bench seat, but they are omitted here in this pic for clarity. The pilot sit is the pilot relax pose, which is either ‘Pilot F’ or ‘Pilot M’.

Note: When you sit, the pose will automatically be selected based on the sex of your avi. Males will be sat in ‘Pilot M’ and females in ‘Pilot F’. You can select other poses of course and if you are female, you can select a male pose manually or visa versa.

To edit and save these poses, do as you do any other Avsitter furnitire. Click the seats, then Select from the menu: Adjust, then move the position as needed, and rotation if that is needed too. Finally select Save to save the pose.

Remember that you will have to take back this boat to inventory to save / remember this pose as it remains in the boat memory. If the scripts are reset, then this adjustment is lost.

Editing the Avsitter notecard (Avpos)

You can Save the default pose setting to the notecard. This is what is used when you sit for the first time, and if no adjustments are made. The notecard is also what is used to save the posed for the ‘Pilot Drive’, and ‘Pilot Turn Left’ and ‘Pilot Turn Right’.

Before you edit the Avpos Notecard, I suggest that you make a backup of it in your inventory. Edit the boat, look in the contents, and copy the Avpos notecard to the boat folder in your inventory.

First sit in the pilot seat, and type into local chat ‘posedrive’. This puts you in the Drive position, or type ‘poseturnleft’ or ‘poseturnright’ depending on which of the 3 poses you wish to adjust. Here below, I adjust the ‘poseturnright’ pose.

Touch the seats for the sitting menu, select Adjust, then select Helper. This rezzes the helper prims. You can edit them, selecting the one for Sitter 0 to adjust the Driver/Pilot pose. Edit it, move and rotate as needed. As you move it, you are moving the pose position, and you will move with it. It is normal that the helper prim is not over the diver seat.

When you are happy with the adjustment for the pose, get the menu back and click Save (next to the Dump button).

When you Save the pose, information will be written to local chat. See the line for Sitter 0, that information needs to be copied to the Avsitter Avpos notecard in the boat contents.

Note that in the notecard, the sitting position numbers are rounded off to 3 decimal places, in the local chat they are to 6 decimal places, but often there are lots of zeros. Round off the valuesto 3 decimals, and copy to the notecard.

I edit this from the local chat:
Sitter 0 {Pilot Right}<2.685000,-0.075000,0.888000><0.700000,0.200000,-0.000000>

Into this and replace the line in the notecard:
{Pilot Right}<2.685,-0.075,0.888><0.7,0.2,-0>

Remember here I used ‘poseturnright’ to set the ‘Pilot Right’ pose so I edit that line in the notecard. When done, save it.

When you save the Avsitter notecard, you will see that Avsitter reloads and resets. This takes a little while, so let it do its thing.

Repeat for the ‘Pilot Drive’ pose, the ‘Pilot Left’ pose and the ‘Pilot Right’ pose.

Other poses that you wish saved to the notecard, can be done like this too.

You should be albe to save a few adjusted poses, then when you are done saving, click the ‘Dump’ button, This will write out to local chat an entirely new notecard contents. that you can replace the one you have in the boat. Make a backup before you do this, you never know what may happen.