Hunter 9m Runabout

  • Driving in mouselook: Great way to pilot the boat.

The Hunter 9m Runabout is an original mesh model by Cat Hunter. It is based on the Nedcraft built Palm Beach 22 owned by New Electric and built with their permission. In RL it is 6m, here in SL, it is 9m long.

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Features include:
★ Made from Ultramesh™ and Scripted with care.
★ Great in mouselook ★ Dynamic cameras for all on board ★ 3 cameras for driver.
★ Seats 4 people with multiple poses.
★ Move around the boat with seating menu.
★ Permissions can be set for Owner Only, Access List or Everyone.
★ Pass control to passenger (can be any sitter as long as they shuffle to the passenger seat).
★ Compete fuel system using the NTBI GFS Fuel Pumps and Gas cans.
★ Unique sounds taken from the RL engine made by Lorin Tone.
★ 2 Horns ★ Navigation lighting ★ Ambient lighting ★ Working dials
★ Flag and pennant ★ Cradle for when rezzing on land
★ Fold-down wind-screen ★ Engine bay with detailed motor
★ GTFO compliant.
★ Modifiable, paintable & customisable.

Released: Tuesday, March 26th, 2019, at Shippe & Saile Boatyard. SLurl:
Demo and vendor are still there. Access to Blake Sea via the Bingo Straights.

Hunter 9m Runabout on the Marketplace

Video of the Hunter 9m Runabout

Flickr Group

Demo available inworld at Tortuga Bay

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