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Dani D-Arrow Eden

Snapshot_2072-900 Snapshot_2072c-900 Snapshot_2072b-900


Dani D-Arrow VI Digital Camo

Digital-Camo3 Digital-Camo-Pink4 Digital-Camo-Grey4


Dani D-Arrow VI US Navy

Navy_US4 Navy_US3 Navy_US1


Breitling paint for Carly’s Porter

HB-FKP of Swissboogie taking off from Tortuga Bay

Snapshot_1584 Snapshot_1585 Snapshot_1586 Snapshot_1587


Himalaya paint for Carly’s Porter

A paint depicting the 1960 Swiss Dhaulagiri Himalayan Expedition

This paint for Carly’s Porter is available on the marketplace here:

Snapshot_1556 Snapshot_1559 Snapshot_1552 Snapshot_1553


Carly’s Porter Paints

A wonderful plane made by Carly. Here I’ve painted a few. Not put any on the Marketplace, but I have sold a few for some clients.

Here is the Totuga Bay Livery of our airport.


Porter---TB-01 Porter---TB-02 Porter---TB-03


BT Express livery for a client



Aviofun Skydive livery

Porter---AS-03 Porter---AS-01 Porter---AS-02


Winterhawk Aviation livery for a client

Porter---WA-03 Porter---WA-01 Porter---WA-02


Dani Grand Caravan – Tiger – Paint Kit

After a commission for Nadja, I decided to put the basic design up on the marketplace with a few varients. This was a fun paint that had its challenges. Seems to have been well received so far.

Tiger paint

Pink Tiger paint

SnowTiger paint

Red Tiger paint

Rainbow Tiger paint –

See Photos:

Snapshot_963 Snapshot_964 Snapshot_987 Snapshot_993 Snapshot_956



Dani Grand Caravan – HM Coastguard – Paint Kit

This was a commission for a friend so I made a version for the marketplace too. Great plane, the latest and greatest from Dani Airplanes.

Snapshot_919_700 Snapshot_921_700 Snapshot_924_700 Snapshot_916_700 Snapshot_917_700 Snapshot_918_700



PA-18 Super Cub – E44, D44 & Marines Military Paint Kits

These are paint kits for the PA-18 Super Cub made by Laminar Systems. Available at my vendors or on the marketplace here (E44): and here (D44): and here (Marines):

Snapshot_870-700 Snapshot_864-700 Snapshot_865-700 Snapshot_866-700

Snapshot_882-700 Snapshot_873-700 Snapshot_880-700

Snapshot_886-700 Snapshot_892-700



Shana Texan AT-6 N13FY

Another Shana Texan paint. This time the N13FY. Available at my vendors or on the MP here:

Snapshot_862-700 Snapshot_859-700 Snapshot_860-700


TBM Kronos – Rulettes – Paint Kit – 69

I painted this Australian “Rulettes” Aerobatic team colours paint scheme for an Australian friend, then I rememberd I had a few other Australian friends so I made more, then I put it on the Marketplace and in the vendors. Get it at any of our vendors of here:

Snapshot_855-700 Snapshot_848-700 Snapshot_850-700 Snapshot_851-700


Shana Texan – P-107 – Paint Kit

This is a paint kit for the new mesh Texan AT-6 made by Shana Aircraft.

It comprises 12 detailed textures and an automatic drop box for easy installation.

Get this from any of our vendors or from the Marketplace here:

Snapshot_825-700 Snapshot_826-700 Snapshot_830-700 Snapshot_824-700 Snapshot_823-700



Shana Texan T-6 – “Black Aces”

A paint made for my friend ‘Six’ and his “Black Aces” Squadron.




Cheermaster JU-52 V0.453 – SAAF 50 Sqn B4080 – Paint kit

This paint scheme represents the South African Air Force JU-52 from 50 Suadron based at Jijga Aerodrome in Ethiopia, January 1941.

This paint is available on the SL Marketplace or in the Cat & Ctry vendors.

Snapshot_792 Snapshot_795 Snapshot_791



S&W PBY-5 Catalina Paints

Cat’s first “Black Cats” Paint:

Snapshot_682 Snapshot_681 Snapshot_684b Snapshot_688 Snapshot_685 Snapshot_684


“Red Hot” – “Black Cats” Paint, available on the SL Marketplace and in the Cat & Cry vendors.



The G-PBYA paint is a very simple paint, effectively replacing the S&W logos with the colours representing USAAF OA-10A 44-33915. For more info on the G-PBYA Catalina, see here:

“G-PBYA” – Paint, available on the SL Marketplace and in the Cat & Cry vendors.



Air Sea Rescue

S/N 44-34033, a SA-10 based at McChord Air Force Base, WA in 1948. The aircraft served with Flight C of the 4th Air Rescue Squadron.

Paint available on the SL Marketplace and the Cat & Cry vendors.

PBY-Rescue-1 PBY-Rescue-4 PBY-Rescue-3 PBY-Rescue-2


Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Israeli Air Force #3401, 69 “Hammers” Squadron, Haifa, 1954.

Between 1951 and 1956, three PBY-5A models of the Catalina served alongside the Israeli Air Force Hammer squadron’s three B-17 bombers. The Catalinas served in their original US Navy FS15042 Gloss Dark Sea Blue colour and had four digit identification numbers 3401, 3402 and 3403 assigned. Roundels were applied on both sides of the nose, atop the right wing and to the bottom of the left wing. The four-digit ID number was applied to the vertical fin root and inboard of the wing ID roundels.

Paint available on the SL Marketplace and the Cat & Cry vendors.

Snapshot_784 Snapshot_790 Snapshot_787



Beechcraft A33 Debonair – E-52515 NAVY Paint kit

Get this paint kit here:

Debonair-E-52515-Floats NAVY-Polo NAVY-T Debonair-E-52515-04 Debonair-E-52515-03 Debonair-E-52515-02 Debonair-E-52515-01