Get The Freight Out (GTFO) – Testing at Tortuga

We are testing the new Get The Freight Out (GTFO) game that our friend Rez Grey is developing.

Just what the   is GTFO?

Get The Freight Out! is a cleverly named game for people that like to ply the grid in planes, boats and trucks. The core principal, as in most commercial sims, is to get a thing to place, and get paid for it. There are few different ways to get things to places.

  • It’s a Shipping / Freight Hauling Game!
    Even with a two-seater plane or rowboat, you can make a little virtual scratch hauling freight across SL. Discover parts of SL you never knew of as you keep the flow of commerce going!
  • It’s a Trading Game
    You played open-universe space games (Elite, Trade Wards, Etc)? Where you buy Commodity X and sell it a Station Y for Z profit? This is like that. exploration and cunning will get you far.
  • It’s a Smuggling Game
    Yep. You keep asking for it. One type of delivery is “air drop”, where you will be flying over a target sim (not an airport or dock) and dropping cargo. Certain less-airporty dirt strips will be listed as ‘SAF’, which is not an abbreviation for San Francisco.

More info here:

Pick up a free GTFO Alpha Test kit at Tortuga Bay Airportn click the sign infront of the terminal.

Below: Cat fitting her new Z-BRA PA18 Piper Cub with GTFO equipment. Ready for a few runs to neibouring airports.


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