SL Aviation in Eden and Fruit Islands

Hey there,

Yesterday, in The Eden Naturist estate group, a neat thing happened. Dengo Pimpernel, the manager for the estate, sent out the following announcement:

Lovely Edennauts, I have some news for those of you who are interested in SL aviation in Eden, the North Sea and Fruit Islands area or own a public airfield. Please read the attached notecard.

Citizens of The Eden Naturist Estate, Fruit Islands and creatures of the North Sea,

I am delighted to announce the opening of a new chapter in SL aviation in the North Sea region that includes The Eden Naturist Estate, the North Sea itself and the Fruit Islands. In particular:

1) The Eden Naturist Airstrip (ICAO: SLEN) has been renovated and now features a 220m runway 18-36 that is capable of accepting airplanes with wingspan of up to 22m.

SLEN also features a public rez zone, an ATC tower, a fuel station (currently serving Dani’s Airplanes – will add more), a cafe and motel and six tiedown rentals that come with a room in the motel.

2) A new Tortuga Bay Airport (ICAO: SLTB ) that features a 206m runway 14-32 capable of accepting airplanes with wingspan of up to 22m.

SLTB features a public rez zone, an ATC tower, a seaplane ramp, airplane tiedowns and helipad rentals, and fuel stations currently serving Terra, Dani’s, DSA and TBM airplanes.

3) A new regional aviation group that covers the above three regions: FENS Unicom (standing for Fruits, Eden, North Sea). This is a chat-based group that covers all public airfields in the Eden, North Sea and Fruit Islands area, and includes all communications for Delivery, ATIS, Ground, ATC, Departure, Centre, Approach, air-to-air and general Unicom 123.50 MHz.

Group membership is free.

4) We now have a dedicated regional GridTalkie pre-set channel called FENS Unicom 123.50 MHz that conveniently works on the numeric channel #12350. This public channel can be set up on both private Eden GridTalkie network (vendors with free GridTalkie devices are located in all major regional airfields and public Eden locations), as well as commercial paid-for GridTalkie devices.

FENS-Unicom GridTalkie channel covers the same communications as the above FENS Unicom group.

To set up the FENS-Unicom channel on a GridTalkie device, please choose the channel (11, 12 or 13 – let’s assume that we want to set up the channel 13), wear the device and type the following command in local chat:

/13 ch 12350

To send a message via GridTalkie, type the following command with the message text:
/13 message text

All residents that wish to advertise their public airfields in the group, will receive a special ATC role in the above group.

If you have any questions with regards to the regional aviation activity, please contact the FENS Unicom group, and if you don’t receive an answer there, please IM CatalinaHunter Resident or Dengo Pimpernel.

Safe flying!

Dengo Pimpernel
10 September 2015

Not only did this announcement mark the first official mention for the new FENS Unicom group, it was the coming out announcement for our airport to all of Eden. The notice also marked the completion of the recent renovation of Eden Gateway’s runway and facilities. Afterwords, we saw a lot of new faces come through the airport.

We’re still applying the finishing touches to the airport as well as finishing construction on the terminal building so keep checking back for more updates.

Here’s another picture, taken by Cat as one of the many Eden flyers takes off for another flight, to tide you over.

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