Careful not to step on the turtles…

Tortuga Bay tower, ticket office and terminal under construction

“Tortuga is the Spanish word for a turtle or tortoise.” – Wikipedia

Hey there,

Cat and I are part of another thing. This time, we’re co-owners of an airport, along with Rulette, in the Eden Guillemot region of The Eden Naturist Estate. This site will be one of our conduits to provide you information on events, links and anything that we find interesting for the community we’re building there.

A little about our airfield, Tortuga Bay Airport is a single runway public airfield with a seaplane ramp, helipads, seaplane and boat slip marina, and ATC bot (currently in early stage beta testing) with access to The Eden Naturist Estate, The North Sea, and Fruit Islands region mass. While we are open and operational, we’re not fully constructed yet. The terminal is just now being completed with tie-downs and seaplane slips available for rent. We’ve got some wonderful people helping us with this and we’ll certainly list them in future posts. While that’s all happening, here’s a picture to tide you over until we’re fully complete. Until then, careful not to step on the turtles…


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